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Wheelchair Checklist

Check all these items to be classified as Wheelchair Accessible

Last Updated: October 2018

To check the wheelchair accessibility of a venue, EmptyChair has put together a starter checklist for you to use. Whilst no venue will be the same, answering ‘Yes’ to all of the below questions will provide a good overview of the wheelchair accessibility of your experience.

Transport links
  • Is there wheelchair accessible public transport (bus/train/subway) within 500 metres?
  • Is there accessible connecting transport suitable for wheelchair users (e.g. taxis) from public transport links if required?
  • Is parking designated for disabled people available on site or within 500 metres? Is it clearly signposted?
  • Are visitors within a wheelchair able to enter the building by the same entrance as other visitors? If not, is there another entrance that is accessible to wheelchair users?
  • If there are steps, is there a platform lift or a ramp suitable for wheelchair users?
Experience Station
  • Is the activity in which the visitor will take part at a height suitable for visitors in a wheelchair?
  • Is there space for a visitor in a wheelchair to move around the activity area freely?
Accessible toilets
  • Are there genuinely accessible toilets designed for people with a wheelchair on the same floor as the activity takes place?
  • If not, are there accessible toilets accessible by lift?
  • If taking a lift is required, are lift doors (including lifts from the car park) wide enough for a wheelchair? Is the lift big enough for a large wheelchair and at least one other person?
  • Are there controls at a height suitable for wheelchair users? Are there Braille or tactile buttons?
Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Are there procedures in place for evacuating wheelchair users, in an emergency?

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