The 2 Hour Kimono Workshop

The kimono making workshop was great. Im very happy with what I cane up with. Its very accessible to all levels, the explanations are clear and the instructions super easy to follow. I want to come again to do another workshop!

Alessandra Malacarne
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Flowers for Beginners

Ive had the privilege meeting Mrs Blacklock and visiting her school. Out of this world as could be seen today at the Royal Wedding, her work speaks of excellence.

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Make Your Own Teeshirt & Tote Bag!

What a fantastic creative place this is. Absolutely brimming over with so many crafting ideas. I did the t-shirt and tote bag printing which was a really fun evening. Lots of help and ideas given by Diane and Georgie and it was so lovely to meet other like minded people who enjoy having a go at being 'arty'! 

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Beginners Spanish

I enjoy coming to class, the time always flies and we learn heaps in class and for homework. Great learning environment, and great activities out of class, too.

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Lino Print Art Workshop

Super workshop.. new knowledge.. nice spent time

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Everything Happens for a Riesling!

Great course on Rhone and Bordeaux

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Paint Starry Night Over London

Such a fun way to spend an evening! You start off thinking youll never be able to paint that, but the fantastic guidance, music and wine leaves you with a great souvenir to take home! Will definitely be doing this again!

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Cooking Your Spanish

Class was lots of fun, very informative and David explained things very well.

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Blow His Mind!

Excellent service, education and fun...obviously professional too!

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Mandala Drawing Class (Beckenham)

Class was pretty good, nice venue.

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Ukulele for Absolute Beginners

Well, so Absolute Beginners course is amazing. In just four weeks, you will learn all the basic you need. With the chords and strumming patterns learned there is a ton of songs to play already.

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Paint London!

Had a lovely evening. It is such a treat to spend time doing something I am not good at but enjoy in such a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Already looking forward to the next time!

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Stand-Up Comedy Workshop

I loved this course and found that I truly learnt about how to articulate and form my jokes into a way that suited my personality and style. Harry is a great teacher who isnt afraid to speak his mind and get the ball rolling in motion.

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Introduction to Indian Cooking: Masalas

Had a great evening and learnt a lot about fish. Company was excellent and Fran and team were really good. Would definitely recommend.

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Make A Perfume Workshop

Excited to recieve my perfumes and looking forward to trying them all. They were beautifully wrapped and the handwritten note was a lovely touch. Thank you

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Leather Accessories Evening Class

Just wanted to say thanks so much for an amazing couple of days refining my skills! I cant wait to share you what I manage in the next few weeks or months.... Watch this space!

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Set Menu Indian Cooking Class

Awesome class with a great tutor! Had a lovely meal with it as well.

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Introduction to Sushi Making

A wonderful evening learning how to prepare and cook seafood - worth every penny!

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Terrarium Workshop and Prosecco

Really good idea to have this workshop in a small pub, keeps things fun and informal. Would go again for sure.

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Coffee Cocktail Workshop

I really enjoyed the coffee tasting by Mehmet. He is very knowledgeable and provided a good insight into the history of coffee, brewing and tasting techniques and so much more!

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Papershades Workshop

Absolutely fabulous workshop! Ros was a wonderful teacher and very friendly!

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Macrame Bunting Workshop in Winchester

I attended Isabellas macrame bunting workshop earlier this week and had a very enjoyable experience. Isabella was a very kind and patient teacher, demonstrating each knot and step of the process, before coming around to help each person individually. Would highly recommend, thank you Isabella for such a lovely experience!

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Kokedama Making Workshop

Jar & Fern hosted a great workshop for everyone at work, cant recommend them enough! Since doing it everyone at works keeps going on about how good it was - thanks!

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Pompom Bracelet Making

Lovely workshop on Fulham road. Really nice to do something creative.

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The Bread Companions: Jam, Butter and Pi

Really phenomenal bread and a helpful friendly staff. They helped me understand the differences between the breads they offered. I chose the multigrain and Hackney Wild. Both are delicious. Perfect with soup or with peanut butter and jelly. I highly recommend their breads!

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Anytime workshop/course: Intro to Felt Making - 2D & 3D

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Heather learning how to make a 2-D felt picture. She is incredibly patient and made me feel very welcome in her home. The small group size meant we got a lot of individual attention and help. The course was well organised and the wools were beautiful to work with. I produced a piece that I am planning to frame and hang in my house.

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Indian Cooking Masterclass - Biryani

We had a wonderful morning cooking with Nidhi. The food was delicious and we learnt some important lessons like not to cook rice in a saucepan!

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The Art of Museum Lighting

This museum should be on the top of your list if you are coming to visit London.

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David Sanchez

David is a great teacher and we had a wonderful time learning the fun techniques from him. Really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

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Mandala Drawing Class (Beckenham)

The facility was nice, the teacher, Ubie, very helpful, and we spent almost three hours using our imagination. The experience was very relaxing, and we came up with two drawings that we wouldnt have thought we could do! We also enjoyed spending some quality time together. Thank you.

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