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Are you someone who likes to have fun with makeup and wants to pursue a career as a makeup artist? The Beginner Makeup Artist Course is just what you need to get started. Beauty and especially makeup is one of the biggest specialised industries in the world. There is a constant demand for skilled makeup artists within the industry. The Beginner Makeup Artist Course is a taster session for students to begin learning the basic skills required to start developing a career to work in the business of beauty, either independently as a freelancer, in a salon, boutique or beauty counter. Students attending this course will also learn about the opportunities that are available to work in the beauty & makeup industry. It is our goal and aim to develop your talent and ability with makeup to be strong, powerful, confident, inspired and focused on an independent career in makeup. During the course students will be provided with information on how to further develop their skills. And each student will have the opportunity to create an education plan with their tutor providing guidance and advice. On the Beginner Makeup Artist Course Students will learn: Flawless Makeup, Red Carpet Makeup and Smokey Eye Techniques Topics and subjects covered on the Beginner Makeup Artist Course include: - Cleansing techniques - Best practices for skincare and face preparation - Concealing blemishes and imperfections - Choosing the correct foundation - Essential tools and products - Contouring and highlighting - Eye preparation, defining eyebrows, eyeliner tips and tricks - Choosing suitable contrasting eye colours - False Lash Application - Defining and colouring lips - And more

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