Richmond School of Painting

Richmond School of Painting


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Guy Shoham is a painter and believes that everyone can draw and paint when given the right guidance and support. Join us and learn to paint in a step by step approach, building on small achievable tasks to make painting an easy and fun activity. Learn the basics, experiment with tone, colours and shapes and develop your skill in a friendly and supportive environment.

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£ 25

Art Trek is a new series of monthly tours to carefully selected exhibitions that will introduce you to a new and exciting aspect of our city. We will look at paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs by living artists. We will also think about the work of the curator and the thought process behind that. Art Trek will go to many types of galleries, from long - established spaces, to more up-and-coming galleries, to high-end establishments. Some of the art will be by well-known international artists. At other times, we will see art that's by artists who are just starting out. Art Trek will be unstuffy and we will avoid jargon. We will provide some straightforward background to the artists and their fascinating artworks, and try to answer the questions you may have. It will be an introduction to art by living artists and a chance to meet other people with similar interests.

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Richmond upon Thames

£ 30

Join us for a relaxed and enjoyable drawing evening. Build your confidence and skill in drawing the human form from observation. We will discuss the fascination of representing the figure in art and explore why it is still so important today. We will look at the building blocks of drawing, exploring line and tone and mark making.

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Art Trek (Art Walk in London)

The cheese and wine life class was really enjoyable. A chance to meet other aspiring artists in a relaxed atmosphere. We were shown a range of different techniques and encouraged to try different approaches to drawing the model. Guy the teacher was both helpful and constructive in his approach.

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