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Welcome to the world of Tequila, a remarkable drink which can express the nuances of its raw material arguably better than any other spirit on the planet. Keeping things short, sweet and tasty, this experience is all about trying new flavours and experimenting with new tastes. We will be trying three of our most exclusive tequilas (by most account three of the most exclusive tequilas in the world!) over the space of 30 minutes. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, experimenting and getting to know what makes an exceptional tequila.

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Sake Myths Debunked! Saké has become a trendy drink as high-end hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide are adding this food-friendly tipple to their menus. It is as versatile and complex as wine, and there are tens of thousands of sakés produced in Japan. If you’ve tried one and didn’t like it, then the chances are you might find another one that you do like! A few "sake myths"... Myth 1: Sake is highly alcoholic? Myth 2: Sake is always drunk hot? Myth 3: Sake only goes with Japanese food? In the workshop Understanding Saké, a sake expert from VSF Wine Education will demystify the wonderful world of this Japanese tipple in an informal and humorous manner. What you can expect: 6 x different styles of saké (Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo, Nama, Futsushu, Honjozo, Umeshu) 1 x tasting plate to highlight specific characteristics in each saké What you will learn: How saké is made The meaning behind saké quality grades and styles The customs and traditions associated with drinking saké How food pairings can complement or change your perception of a saké’s flavour The proper way to taste saké and how to choose bottles that best suit your taste Level: Beginner (no prior knowledge is required) Style: Guided Saké Tasting Food Served: Guided Tasting Plate Good for: Saké Enthusiasts, Saké Curious, Food Pairing Education You can also purchase your newly found favourite saké at discounted prices (10% off) during the event. Whether you are a saké enthusiast or an absolute beginner, this is a great chance for you to taste different styles of saké hailing from Japan in one go!

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