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Get to know your sewing machine at our Beginners Workshop. A complete introduction to sewing on a machine. We will cover threading, overview of stitches, and basic maintenance. There will be lots of time for you to practice and build your confidence before we start our project to make a tote bag. Walk away with a reusable shopping bag and lots of inspiration to use your new skills! All materials are included in this 3hr workshop, and small group sizes mean you get loads of personal tuition.

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Wanted to sew but have absolutely no idea where to start? Well fear no more - we have the perfect solution! You can now extend your thread of knowledge with this sewing workshop for beginners.

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In this wet felt making workshop, you will learn how to turn an amorphous mass of loose fibres into a piece of cloth with a simple figurative or abstract image to the top. Taking place at Heather's home in Camberwell. You will be fuelled by plenty of home made cake, teas and/or coffee. With a maximum of four participants, these three hour workshops are designed to provide everybody with plenty of time for one on one attention. Heather always aims for sessions to be flexible to individual participants needs. Heather will guide you through how to lay out the fibres to make a flat piece of felt. She will also introduce you to how to blend colours using carders. Then using your reference material create a simple figurative or abstract image on the top. Lastly yo will learn how to transform all the loose fibres into a piece of cloth. If you can not quite decide what type of image to create Heathers home is full of art and design books and if need be she can print you an image to adapt. Wet felt making is a simple process (once you know how) made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find it relaxing and some a stress buster. But, elements of felt making are quite vigorous and very hands on. If you have arthritis in your hands you may find parts of the process challenging. Allergies to cats or indeed wool? Please note Heather has three cats (they all will be elsewhere in the house during the workshops). Antihistamines are available but her workshops may not be for you.

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Applique sounds like a fancy word, but all it really means is sewing a smaller piece of fabric onto a larger one! (Now maybe I've made it sound too simple...) Once you know how to do it effectively you can create amazing designs on anything, I promise you will use it time and time again! We will show you the classic way of sewing your appliques on with zig-zag stitch, as well as reverse applique and how to do free machine embroidery. This is a fantastic way of sewing, you can literally draw with the sewing machine. You can make a sampler to practice all the different techniques, great for students who want to try something new and add into their portfolio, or if you want to make something out of your picture we've got stuffing and everything you need to make it into a beautiful cushion.

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Patchwork is a beautiful, traditional technique anyone can have a go at. It's a great way to make your projects stand out! Once you've designed and mastered the patching the choice is yours what you turn it into.

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Kensington and Chelsea


Learn how to set up, thread and use a sewing machine from scratch then put your newly found talents to use to make a fabulous cushion and a gorgeous make-up bag in this 1 day beginners sewing bootcamp!

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