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Artist Ros Freeborn has a passion for paper and a belief that lampshades don't have to be boring, they should be art! You can create your own, totally original paper lampshade using all kinds of paper. Perfect for your home or as a present.

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Hammersmith and Fulham


This workshop is ideal for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of Paper Cutting. Paper Cutting is a fast growing trend and a great way of creating designs to brighten up your home, create decorations for special occasions such as Christmas and Weddings, or make personal gifts for friends and family. During this two hour workshop you will learn how to use a scalpol knife to cut intricate designs from existing templates. You will learn various techniques which Silvina will talk you through step by step, and will be encouraged to experiment with colours and textures using a selection of papers to create your piece. You will create your own paper plants. Your work can then be mounted into a frame and given as a present, or displayed in your own home, or put on a card.

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Join us in this fantastic stemmed paper flowers craft class in our colourful studio in Central London. You will learn the basics of petal forming and flower construction and leave the workshop with 2 - 5 flowers!

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