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When beer fans visit a foreign city they always seek out the best breweries and bars and use this as a starting point for exploring. The London Craft Beer Cruise offers the opportunity to check out the best beer in London while taking in the iconic sights on a Thames cruise through the heart of the city. Taking place aboard The Pride of London, the cruise will take in four hours of iconic sites along the River Thames, from The Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge to the O2 Arena. During the cruise attendees will have the chance to taste beer from 10 of Londons best independent craft breweries, enjoy a bite to eat and take in talks and tasting sessions hosted by award winning beer writers.

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This tasting session is dedicated to the best extra virgin olive oils from Spain for this current 2017/2018 harvest. Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the Mediterranean area but it is now also earning reputation for its high quality oils. The workshop is fun and is great to introduce yourself to the world of Olive Oils. We will go through these points: What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil? History of the Olive tree and Olive Oil. Olive Oil in the world, UK and Spain. The Olive Tree and the olive: cultivation, harvest, production, storage, labelling. Commercial categories. How to assess the quality by tasting the oil: positive and negative attributes. Healthy benefits of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil as part of the Mediterranean Diet. EVOO tasting and food pairing. We will finalise tasting minimum 6 oils and learning some tips on how to pair with different food!

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Sushi master Silla Bjerrum, co-founder of Feng Sushi and acclaimed cookbook author, brings her 25+ years of experience to Borough Kitchen. Over the course of this 3-hour lesson, Silla will lead a small group in the art and practice of making sushi from scratch.

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Essence of Cake runs a themed cupcake decorating workshops for under 16s. Whilst having fun, you'll have a chance to learn new skills using fondant and buttercream which you can use over and over again to make cupcakes and cakes at home.

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