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Calling all actors! This is it! Your chance to experience what it is like on a film set. This course is designed to bring actors and non-actors up-to-speed with the skills and techniques needed to successfully work as a screen actor.

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Pro TV writer & 'Betty&Peter Sitcom' award winner takes you through what is expected from a sitcom script. Character arc, beatsheet, logline, scene by scene, subbing, treatments - know what they are and how to use them to your benefit.

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Hone your comedy writing skills with pro comic and 'Betty & Peter Sitcom' award winner Meryl O'Rourke. Learn to find inspiration, joke structure, tightening to get the laughs, and understanding humour psych. Find YOUR funny with me!

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This 3 hour stand up comedy taster session is run by headline comics where you will learn mic skills, joke structure and delivery in a very practical way.

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