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Imagine operating from a PEAK state in your professional life. What would it look like if you:

Improved your ability to sell yourself and communicate your ideas?
Spoke with confidence, clarity and composure in the professional arena?
Made a clear and firm commitment to yourself and invested in improving rare and valuable skills?

This is the state I want you to operate from, so you can maximise the positive impact you are having in the world. You will be able to overcome obstacles and dismiss doubts in your mind, enabling you to fulfil your potential.

You have something unique and wonderful to offer. You have more to give. Let me guide you through some practical strategies and techniques for putting your experience and wisdom into action to better your own life and others.

You, and I have an individual responsibility to convert our passion, determination and knowledge into useful service for others. Let me help you increase our contribution, and secure more optimal outcomes and more rewarding results.

Make a big investment in you, the greatest commodity you have, and challenge yourself to pitch the best version of yourself in the professional environment.

In these public speaking sessions we will cover:

1. Making a positive first and lasting impression
2. Networking, the event and the follow-up
3. Elevator pitches
4. The role of body language
5. Dealing with objections and difficult questions
6. Universal presentation principles.

My approach to these sessions is to blend the theory and practice of each of these aspects. We will look at WHY they are important and also HOW to execute them, with many interactive activities and opportunities to practice and implement what we learned, with regular, immediate and constructive feedback.

My experience in coaching individuals and organisations to speak with confidence and with clarity includes:

1. Working in political press communications in Westminster
2. Lobbying and public affairs for multinationals and the UK legal sector
3. Volunteering on social action projects to train teachers and students in Africa.

This is for beginners, and for those more experienced wanting to improve and challenge themselves in a new environment.

If you have a growth-mindset, a desire for continuous growth, learning and development or a wish to step outside of your comfort-zone then this is for you.

If English is not your first language, if you have experienced social anxiety or mental blocks in the past, or if you want to get practice and constructive feedback before a presentation then this is for you.

Practicing public speaking generally can also:

1. Empower you to express yourself more freely
2. Equip you with a more optimistic and positive self-image
3. Liberate you to fulfill your potential. This experience is wheelchair friendly!

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This is an Anytime experience, meaning the host can run the experience to fit your schedule!

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Available on Saturday

Between 14:45 and 17:00

WC2N, Westminster (address might differ to one shown in the map below)

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Wheelchair Accessible

This experience is wheelchair accessible. In order to be wheelchair accessible, all of the following criteria must be met.

Please note that the host is responible for ensuring that the criteria above has been met.

Did you know?

Julius Caesar was the first to encode communications, using what has become known as the Caesar Cipher.

Find your way there

10a Craven Street, London, UK

The Host

My name is Stephen and I train individuals and organisations to communicate more effectively by learning to speak with confidence, clarity and composure. I facilitate interactive, intensive public speaking workshops and courses for teams and individuals. My experiences includes: - Working with Cabinet Ministers, Government officials and Parliamentary candidates, young leaders from political parties around the world, Presidents of UK membership bodies and leading figures and subject matter experts from the political, legal, technology and financial sectors. - Coaching on social action projects in Africa – volunteering to train teachers in facilitation skills in Rwanda and students in employability skills in Tanzania. - Training as an actor in two leading drama studios in the ‘Meisner technique’ - studied by James Gandolfini, Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey. - Seven years’ experience of working in public affairs, advocacy, and lobbying, as well as in political media communications and campaigns, and in public policy research. - Producing and presenting a weekly community radio show.

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