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For courageous and curious professionals looking to broaden their abilities and vision while furthering their leadership skills.

The 1-day workshop on Friday 1st March is designed specifically for the corporate world.

It will lead participants on a facilitated journey to explore, on a personal and group level what it means to cultivate and harness Feminine Power in the workplace, and how this can contribute to more effective leadership in current social and professional climates.

It is for leaders and professionals of any gender who would like better to understand the qualities of the Feminine in the context of professional environments and relationships and how to work with these qualities to improve organisational outcomes.

The workshop will explore:
• How to stay true to yourself in an environment where stereotypically masculine characteristics are seen as the route to success. How much are you conforming and at what cost?
• How to value feminine qualities in a professional setting
• How to effectively display self-confidence even when that may evoke a negative response from your teams and stakeholders

In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of:
• Unconscious bias and how it can be identified and managed in yourself and others
• The relationship between confidence and personal power
• What is to be gained from operating from a place of authenticity
• How qualities traditionally seen as feminine are assets in the workplace
• How to create spaces for inclusion that harness the true value of diversity in the workplace.

At the end of this workshop participants will have developed greater self-awareness, helping to improve
• Personal and work relationships
• Greater understanding and strategies relating to cognitive biases, feelings, and reactions to situations in the workplace.

This event is limited to 15 participants to maximise individual personal and professional growth

This workshop is for people of all genders

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What you need

Equipment: Just yourself and a notebook

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Friday 01 March at 09:00 to 17:00

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Julius Caesar was the first to encode communications, using what has become known as the Caesar Cipher.

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10 Daventry Street, London, UK

The Host

Serenity in Leadership is a corporate change consultancy with a difference. They are passionate about enabling people in positions of influence and leadership to positively affect the culture of their organisations. They help executives identify unconscious beliefs and bias within their organization and provide them with the support to eliminate the negativity in a variety of imaginative ways. Serenity creates spaces for honest and thought-provoking dialogue sessions, facilitates in-house workshops, and hosts transformational leadership retreats. They believe that by supporting individuals to lead and co-create from a place of conscious power, they will bring about positive change within their organisations and the wider society. Organisations thrive when people thrive.

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