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In this session we'll explain why Vedic Meditation will work for you, how it is different from other styles like mindfulness, and what science and research says about meditation. From here, you will be able to sign up for our basic meditation course.

Are you interested in meditation but worried you wont be able to do it? Have you tried to meditate but could not stop thinking? Did you download an app and then never use it? Do you just want to feel better? Come and see us.

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Did you know?

Meditation makes you more efficient. Since meditation boosts concentration and productivity, it will help you in every area of your life.

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Evolve Wellness Centre, Kendrick Mews, London, UK

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Free Intro to Meditation

I learned to meditate 6 months ago. The best way to describe the amazing changes in my life is that really good things happen when I leave my front door EVERYDAY! Michael and Jillian are such lovely people and great teachers. Dont think twice about doing their course. As David Lynch would say meditation, its a beautiful thing!

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Free Intro to Meditation

5/5. I arrived late and the guys were very kind and accomodating, even covering what I missed at the end of the session. Thank you!

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The Host

London Medidation Centre teaches people how to meditate in a way which works with the pressures of their modern lives. They come away with a simple tool which alleviates stress, cultivates clear thinking, and opens up new possibilities. We don't do apps, or quick fixes. This ancient technique is sustainable and powerful - and it's easy once you know how.

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