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Taking our cue from seasonal changes, this yin yoga workshop encourages us to slow down, turn inwards, and become more introspective.

A nourishing sequence of longer, passive poses will nurture and unravel the whole body, releasing any tension, stress and rigidity accrued in daily life. As you surrender deeper into each pose, the focus comes to settle on stillness of breath, body and mind: yielding into sensation whilst cultivating the time and space to really rest and replenish.

The sequence will draw out themes focusing on the seasonal cues of Autumn and Winter: to take time out to rest and replenish, turn inwards, become more introspective, conserve energy, nourish yourself, and let go of what you no longer need (like autumn leaves falling from the trees).

Guided breathing and meditation techniques will centre and ground the mind; activating the soothing parasympathetic nervous system to leave you feeling spacious, calm and full of ease. Suitable for all levels, there will be plenty of props for support and modifications for those recovering from injury.

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What you need

Equipment: Comfortable clothing.

Ability: circlecirclecircle

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Did you know?

Yoga keeps your body limber, in shape, and vital thanks to a combination of the poses and breathing techniques. Itís a natural way to relieve stress and fortify the immune system and other important functions in the body. Yoga is a true elixir for long life!

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82 Brockley Rise, London, UK

The Host

The Honor Oak Wellness Room Is An Evidence-Based Health And Well-Being Space In South East London, specialising in Chiropractic Care and Pain Management, offering Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and a range of Yoga & Pilates classes, as well as Wellbeing Events and Workshops

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