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Honour your sexuality and your magnificent being.

In this experience, open to both males and females, you join other like-minded explorers in a sacred circle. Come along and discover new and creative ways to like and love yourself, be more connected to your body, and express yourself sexually.

You remain fully clothed and in a safe environment. No nudity or touching is involved. This experience is suitable for couples and singles alike. At the core of a human being is sexual energy. The transmutation of sexual energy into direct creation rather than only pro-creation is a hidden art and science.

Learn how to utilise the teachings and practices of the ancients that have stood the test of time, to deliver yourself into the inexplicable,conscious dreaming of your life in the moment. The aphrodisiacs - pure, organic essential oils - accompany you on this journey of self love.

Build a simple strategy how to experience a full-body orgasm on a daily basis or whenever you feel like it

Discover how the differences between males and females compliment each other and help you practice intelligent cooperation in your relationships. True knowledge is knowledge of the self.

Embrace an ecstatic lifestyle and join Gammadian and Ena in claiming your power today!

Our three special gifts will be waiting for you to motivate you in continuing your orgasmic journey beyond this experience.

Experience includes:

Herbal tea refreshment, Dance, movement, guided meditation, Tantric practices for generating sexual energy and transmuting it into spiritual energy, Organic, pure essential oils - the aphrodisiacs.

Special gift 1 - self-pleasuring guide for yoni and lingam massage,
Special gift 2 - book on unveiling the secrets of male awareness;
Special gift 3 - book on unveiling the secrets of female awareness.

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Equipment: Nothing is required.

Ability: circlecirclecircle

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Did you know?

The hormone oxytocin is often referred to as the "love hormone" or the "bonding hormone" because of its observed effects on our relationships.

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Hazelwood Crescent, London, UK

The Host

We are Gammadian and Ena, yoga and shamanic practitioners and healers. We have been leading workshops and retreats around the world for decades. Our experiences are highly enjoyable and transformational. Never stop dreaming big.

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