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If you’ve long been hoping to find your inner-Beyonce or channel Shakira, JLo or another superstar? This is the class for you. Our Commercial Dance course is fast, funky and energetic. As well as teaching you some moves that you can put to good use on the dance floor, it will get you moving like never before!

It is perfect for those with little or no experience in dance and for those looking to learn new moves in a fun and welcoming environment.

The course will teach you several choreography routines:

- It will provide an introduction to stage presence and confidence walk

- Body positioning and body isolations, with sexuality exploration

- Learn feeling expression through movement and inner block elimination

Once mastered you may want to take part in filming the routines you learned to become part of legacy.

There is no need for previous experience and mums are very welcome!

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What you need

Equipment: Comfortable sports clothes.

Ability: circlecirclecircle

Next class

Wednesday 17 July at 20:00 to 21:00

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Cancellation Policy

You may cancel this booking up to 5 days and 0 hours in advance.

Did you know?

The "Dancing Plague"of 1518 was a mania that lasted a month and killed dozens of people in Strasbourg, France through exhaustion or heart attack. People just danced uncontrollably until they collapsed!One other famous case involved people dancing on a bridge. Eventually so many people danced that they broke the bridge and fell into the river.

Find your way there

Atherton Leisure Centre, London E15 4SU, UK

The Host

At Dancewithus we are the Freedom Seekers. We do fun & happiness. We make mistakes, learn from them and move on. We laugh a lot. We celebrate and give back to others. We want to brighten your day, help find friends and maybe somebody special. You will lose weight, gain confidence and challenge yourself. And of course, you will DANCE!

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