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Have-a-Go lessons are relaxed and a lot of fun. They are suitable for complete beginners and you will learn to shoot a recurve bow!

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During this 1.5hr women-only class you with learn all about the fine art of fellatio. In our warm, humorous and non-judgemental environment, we will teach about the different parts of his anatomy and how to locate and pleasure all his hotspots.

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The classes are similar to tai chi and through the movements we receive Qi (or Chi) energy which helps us to feel revitalised and energised. At the beginning of each class we chant for around 10 minutes, which helps to open up our energy system to receive energy. At the end of each class we do 20 minutes meditation to absorb the energy we have received and reflect on ourselves. At Jung Shim our aim is to help people increase their human energy levels enabling people to feel more vibrant, more connected to the world around them and happier! Jung Shim classes are a pivotal way of achieving this and a trial class can show you how.

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Let Go and Restore Balance Half Day Workshop for deep emotional and physical release and restoring balance in the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Ever wonder why you find it so hard to be still in a yin yoga practice, or where those sad feeling comes from when you practice restorative yoga? Why you don’t write stories or draw anymore? Do you find it hard to let people in, maybe you been called ice queen or ice king? Do you feel blocked or emotionally stuck? In this series of workshops each event will be targeting one of our emotional storage centres (our deeply inserted emotional memory card) within the hips, back/ spine, hamstrings and heart space. We will be connecting with and working through our three bodies: the spiritual, the emotional and the physical body to release old negative emotions and blockages that might be holding you back for progression within this emotional centre. Blockages within you can lead to physical stiffness, energy stagnation, a feeling of being emotionally “frozen”, lack of creativity, not having the “x factor” anymore and a reduced chakra “glow.” We will be working with movement, sound, meditation and healing to open up the stored files and finally Let Go and Restore The Balance deep within. We will be searching for the blockages within this area and the reason to why they might be there. Super scary!? Yes I know, but now is the perfect time to let go. Time: 14:00-18:00 Dates: Saturday 25 November & 20 January – Hips, Groin (& Legs) / Root & Sacral Chakra > Trust, Sexuality and Creativity Sunday 9 December & 27 January – Heart Space / Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra > Wisdom, Power, Love and Healing, Energy, Vitality Sunday 6 January – Back & Spine / Throat, Third eye and crown Chakra > Intuition, Psychic Senses, Clairvoyance, Cosmic consciousness, Understanding, Enlightenment, Healing, Creativity, Communication The event includes allocated breaks and water, tea and snacks that will be served during the breaks at the event.

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In this pottery wheel taster session you will learn to throw like a pro from expert tutors, relaxing atmosphere in the middle of an amazing park hidden away from the crazy world.

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Pole Dancing Class

Great teacher, really enjoyed myself!

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

Pole Dancing Class

Fantastic class in a great location. The teaching is well paced for all abilities and the class sizes are good for getting a lot of pole time and instruction. Would definitely recommend for a weekly exercise and serotonin boost!

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