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Disco Yoga is not only the hottest new fitness craze in town, it's the most glamorous and fun way to bend and stretch! Don your sequins and spandex if you fancy and pile on the glitter until you sparkle like a mirror ball...

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Come and learn about Black Pantha Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, based on martial arts concepts and philosophy founded by Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee. Speed, power, awareness, flexibility will be harnesses in this fun class. Make no limitations be your limitation.

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Kensington and Chelsea


Honour your sexuality and your magnificent being. In this experience, open to both males and females, you join other like-minded explorers in a sacred circle. Come along and discover new and creative ways to like and love yourself, be more connected to your body, and express yourself sexually. You remain fully clothed and in a safe environment. No nudity or touching is involved. This experience is suitable for couples and singles alike. At the core of a human being is sexual energy. The transmutation of sexual energy into direct creation rather than only pro-creation is a hidden art and science. Learn how to utilise the teachings and practices of the ancients that have stood the test of time, to deliver yourself into the inexplicable,conscious dreaming of your life in the moment. The aphrodisiacs - pure, organic essential oils - accompany you on this journey of self love. Build a simple strategy how to experience a full-body orgasm on a daily basis or whenever you feel like it

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The classes are similar to tai chi and through the movements we receive Qi (or Chi) energy which helps us to feel revitalised and energised. At the beginning of each class we chant for around 10 minutes, which helps to open up our energy system to receive energy. At the end of each class we do 20 minutes meditation to absorb the energy we have received and reflect on ourselves. At Jung Shim our aim is to help people increase their human energy levels enabling people to feel more vibrant, more connected to the world around them and happier! Jung Shim classes are a pivotal way of achieving this and a trial class can show you how.

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Move And Dance - Ballet

Discover 's best Move And Dance experiences, workshops and classes.

Recent Reviews

Mens Skills, Pirouettes & Jumps

Amazing Studios! Fantastic Classes!

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Contemporary Ballet | Rose Alice

Its BRD class tonight!!! A lovely sequence to a snazzy London grammar track....and some explosive traveling!! Get yourself there:)7-8pm Danceworks - dynamic contemporary.

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Classical Ballet Professional | A.Pudney

I did my first classes here today (Wednesday)! 13:00 ballet and 16:00 contemporary jazz. Both classes were very fast paced and challenging which was great. The teachers gave individual feed back even in busy classes. Very happy with my first experience at Dance Works!

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Classical Ballet | Denzil Bailey

Very good place for dance lovers !A lot classes with different style. I really enjoyed my time there

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