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Sake Myths Debunked!

Saké has become a trendy drink as high-end hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide are adding this food-friendly tipple to their menus. It is as versatile and complex as wine, and there are tens of thousands of sakés produced in Japan. If you’ve tried one and didn’t like it, then the chances are you might find another one that you do like!

A few "sake myths"...
Myth 1: Sake is highly alcoholic?
Myth 2: Sake is always drunk hot?
Myth 3: Sake only goes with Japanese food?

In the workshop Understanding Saké, a sake expert from VSF Wine Education will demystify the wonderful world of this Japanese tipple in an informal and humorous manner.

What you can expect:

6 x different styles of saké (Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo, Nama, Futsushu, Honjozo, Umeshu)
1 x tasting plate to highlight specific characteristics in each saké

What you will learn:

How saké is made
The meaning behind saké quality grades and styles
The customs and traditions associated with drinking saké
How food pairings can complement or change your perception of a saké’s flavour
The proper way to taste saké and how to choose bottles that best suit your taste

Level: Beginner (no prior knowledge is required)
Style: Guided Saké Tasting
Food Served: Guided Tasting Plate
Good for: Saké Enthusiasts, Saké Curious, Food Pairing Education

You can also purchase your newly found favourite saké at discounted prices (10% off) during the event. Whether you are a saké enthusiast or an absolute beginner, this is a great chance for you to taste different styles of saké hailing from Japan in one go!

The doors are open 15 minutes before the event time. So please arrive between 15 and 0 minutes before the event start time. The event lasts at least 1.5 hours with plenty of time for questions and answers!

To ensure quality, we limit the number of participants to max. 12 persons per session. Visitors are encouraged to take the Overground (Rotherhithe Station) or Underground (Canada Water Station) to arrive at the venue. Anyone under the age of 18 years old will not be permitted entry.

Note: Please note that due to the high costs of the premium sakés used, a minimum of 5 participants per session is required to run the event. So, feel free to spread the word and ask your friends and colleagues to tag along!

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Did you know?

Stylists in the 1800s believed that rum held the secret to clean and healthy hair, and often advised their clients to wash and soak their hair in the tropical liquor.

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The Host

VSF stands for Vin Sans Fin, a wordplay in French meaning wine without end. We are a group of wine aficionados eager to share our enthusiasm for wine and spirits with you. Whether you are new to wine or have been enjoying wine and spirits for a long time, we definitely have something for you! VSF Wine Education is a London based Approved Programme Provider (APP) accredited by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) to run wine/spirits/sake courses up to Level 3.

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