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Welcome to the world of Tequila, a remarkable drink which can express the nuances of its raw material arguably better than any other spirit on the planet.

Keeping things short, sweet and tasty, this experience is all about trying new flavours and experimenting with new tastes. We will be trying three of our most exclusive tequilas (by most account three of the most exclusive tequilas in the world!) over the space of 30 minutes.

There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, experimenting and getting to know what makes an exceptional tequila.

All the top range boutique tequilas are made from 100% agave fruit. The key to its unique flavour is the spikily distinctive blue agave plant, which gives Tequila its trademark flavour combination of fruit, pepper and spice.

We have also timed this experience as a great introduction to your Saturday evening, specifically right in the heart of London.

See you all very soon!

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What you need

Equipment: None - all tequila to be provided for you and is included in the price.

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Did you know?

Stylists in the 1800s believed that rum held the secret to clean and healthy hair, and often advised their clients to wash and soak their hair in the tropical liquor.

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8 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK

The Host

Wine Cottage is an exclusive luxury wine and spirits tasting company. Our experiences take place every Saturday at the world famous 5 star 8 Northumberland venue in the heart of London.

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