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Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to healthy lifestyle that prioritizes internal cues rather than body weight.

In this workshops, I will help you discover the 10 principals of Intuitive Eating that can help you to:

- build a healthy relationship with food and your body
- get rid of food rules
- learn how to trust your body and eat without guilt or shame
- stop dieting, so that you have your mind free to focus on things that really matter
- stop the restrict/binge cycle
- navigate emotional eating

Dieting isn't healthy. The most consistent long term of effect of diet is actually weight gain.
Research shows that dieting leads to disordered eating, weight gain and binge eating. Weight cycling has been associated with greater incidence of diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance and mortality.

I can help you to move away from conflicting information about nutrition and help you to reconnect with your bodys wisdom, learn to listen to its hunger, fullness and satiety cues to promote long term health-physically, mentally and emotionally.

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97 Heath Street, London, UK

The Host

Liza is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer in London. She runs private practice in Harley street and works for NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

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