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This is the perfect culinary experience for anyone who loves Indian (Gujarati) food and wants to  experience traditional home cooked Indian food. You will experience a live cooking demonstration with the food cooked in front of you which you then get to eat hot off the pan. We will show you how to cook each of the two dishes whilst you sit back and enjoy a glass of complimentary Prosecco. ​ Each experience lasts approx 2 1/2 - 3 hours and cost £45 per person with a maximum of 4 people per class. Currently experiences are being held Friday (evening), Saturday (afternoon) in South London. ​

If you have any dietary or allergies please get in touch with us before booking.

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What you need

Equipment: Your smile and enthusiasm

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Friday 26 April at 19:00 to 22:00

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Did you know?

The pleats in a chef's hat not only portray a sense of fashion of professionalism, but traditionally they also represented how many recipes a chef had mastered. So, a chef with a 100 pleats may have known 100 different ways to boil an egg.

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7 Morton Road, Morden, UK

The Host

Our love for traditional home cooked food stems from our ancestral home town of Surat, Gujarat where the aromas of freshly ground spices would engulf every kitchen and flow into the streets. The art of traditional home cooked Indian food is fast becoming lost in the modern world of Indian takeaways. We want to revive and inspire your tastebuds with a traditional cooking experience using home ground spices. Experience home cooked food made in the Surti way from the state of Gujarat, India, then take the dry spices away with you to re-create the delicious dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Classes are held for a maximum of 4 people, in my home creating an intimate experience. You will be able to enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco while we cook. Each class will be a live demonstration allowing you to fully immerse your senses and finally enjoy the finished cooked dishes.

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