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Before, food professionals thought of coffee as a single flavor, most often served with breakfast or dessert. About 70% of the coffee drinkers order some food beside. However, very few of them consider matching the coffee with their side.

Whether it's an experience, an introduction to Seasonal Healthy Cuisine or simply indulging tasty bites without feeling the guilt. This tasting experience might be for you!

Coffee and Food Pairing aims to improve your mouth-feel experience. When different foods share certain key aromas, they are more likely to make the perfect pair! According to chemists, when foods share major flavor and aromatic compounds, they tend to taste good together.

Today, specialty coffees offers a wide range of taste and aromas available to the coffee lover.

As an introduction to our passion, we welcome you to our path below...
Course #1: The genesis - Inspired Peruvian Cuisine
Course #2: Seasonal Core Meal
Course #3: La creme de la creme treat

All of our cuisine are freshly home-made, preservative-free and GMO-free.

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Equipment: Just bring yourself! All supplies will be provided.

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This is an Anytime experience, meaning the host can run the experience to fit your schedule!

You need to be a group of minimum 3

Available on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Between 10:00 and 20:00

N7, Islington (address might differ to one shown in the map below)

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Did you know?

Add salt to bitter coffee. Salt enhances pleasant flavors while suppressing unpleasant ones, which results in less bitterness when added to coffee.

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253 Holloway Road, London, United Kingdom

Ratings & Reviews

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Coffee & Food Pairing Experience

I really enjoyed the coffee tasting by Mehmet. He is very knowledgeable and provided a good insight into the history of coffee, brewing and tasting techniques and so much more! His passion shone through and really engaged all of us in the room. Most importantly, the coffee was delicious! Id highly recommend this experience, we had a fun afternoon! Thanks Mehmet!

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Coffee & Food Pairing Experience

Mehmet is super nice and he was able to give to the group a perfect afternoon of coffee tasting notions. His coffee shop is the perfect location to do this and to have the chance to taste coffee in such a different and particular way. An excellent experience that I would suggest to any coffee lovers!

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

The Host

Coffee Origins are the first bespoke travel company specialized in the coffee culture. Brewing authentic experience for coffee lovers in Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific, they now bring coffee lovers to the Specialty Coffee World through tours and workshops.

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