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Gather your amici and join La Famiglia for an unforgettable night of dough-tossing, Italian pizza-making and fantastico cocktails! We’ll kick off the evening with a welcome drink of either wine, beer or Aperol Spritz, alongside a delizioso selection of authentic Italian antipasti. Discover our secret family recipe to the perfect stone-baked pizza! While you learn how to make Italian sourdough from scratch, La Famiglia will be on hand to keep the drinks flowing and the party going. Then, get ready to throw some dough! Show off your best dough-tossing skills, as you compete against your amici in the ultimate #BiggestTosser competition. Once you’ve topped your pizza with your favourite Italian ingredients, we’ll place it in our stone oven in the Bunga kitchen. And, of course, you will then have the chance to tuck into your very own bellissimo Bunga-style pizza!

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The workshop will start with an introduction to the History of Coffee. From the legendary goat that discovered coffee in Ethiopia to the first coffee farm. A cup of coffee is the result of 3 characters: the farmer, the roaster, and the barista. We are going to discover step by step each of them: The farmer. We will have a glimpse of the coffee journey from bean to cup (i.e. the coffee tree, fruit, and the process). Duration: 10-20 min The roaster. The importance and impact roasting has on the quality of the coffee and what differentiate specialty coffee. Duration: 10-20 minutes The barista. I will introduce different coffee beans from different regions and different methods of brewing using different coffee tools (i.e. V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Syphon, etc). Coffee tasting will be paired with bites/snacks that enhances the notes of the coffee.

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We are going to start by learning how to make an Espresso Martini. You are learn how to mix and serve your own Espresso Martini and of course taste it! We will cover the basic recipe and the the ingredients and techniques that create the perfect Mix! Then, we will move on to the Coffee Negroni, a nice warm-weather beverage. We will learn the recipe and make our second cocktail.

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Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to healthy lifestyle that prioritizes internal cues rather than body weight. In this workshops, I will help you discover the 10 principals of Intuitive Eating that can help you to: - build a healthy relationship with food and your body - get rid of food rules - learn how to trust your body and eat without guilt or shame - stop dieting, so that you have your mind free to focus on things that really matter - stop the restrict/binge cycle - navigate emotional eating

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Food And Drink - Chocolate

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Recent Reviews

Chocolate making workshop

Highly recommended!!! Raanan is a great chocolater and his chocolate really tasty.

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Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation

What a superb morning! The meditation was just amazing! Meredith is fantastic has great positive energy and her hot chocolate is to die for! I will definitely be back for another workshop! Thank you so much! Love&light

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

Chocolate making workshop

E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T!!! Beautiful and Tasty. Warning - If bought as a present, do not try one first. You will end up with an empty box to give away!

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

Slow Chocolate Tasting Evening

Meredith is amazing!

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

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