Ultimate Sewing Workshop

By Token Studio


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For those of you who are looking to sew a dress for themselves or some home decors, or perhaps some toys for a baby, but get really confused about how to operate the sewing machine and reading the crazy lines on the pattern, this course covers all.

This workshop is going to go through all sewing basics for stitching on the sewing machine, from how to prepare your machine, fabric and set up your workplace, how to address common problems, after this 90-minute introductory class you will happily sewing ever after.

Whats more is that in Token Studio we have received more than 1000 different types of printed fabric, all of which you will have access to during this workshop to creating you're first ever project.

What are you waiting for? Let's sew something fun!

Please attend the workshop on time. If you are delayed by even 15 minutes, you will not be allowed access to the workshop due to time constraints of the studio.

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What you need

Equipment: All materials are provided for you upon arrival.

Ability: circlecirclecircle

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Wheelchair Accessible

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Did you know?

Women's buttons are on the left side of garments because when button garments first came to be, only women with servants could afford to wear them. They were sewn on the left side to make it easier for servants to help these wealthy women dress.

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694 Fulham Road, London, UK

The Host

Token Studio is an innovative exciting brand bringing together some of the best creative minds inside the heart of London. Established in 2012, Token create the unique art craft and music classes and workshops in London.

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