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Learn how to turn a pile of wool fibres into a piece of cloth. Then learn how to make a vessel without sewing a single stitch!

Taking place at Purr & Wag It HQ; Heather's home studio in Camberwell. An Any Time workshop or short course to slip perfectly into your busy diary adaptable to what you and your friends (four max) want to achieve.

If you want to learn 2D and 3D the first part of the workshop will take you through how to make a small flat piece of felt, decorate it and blend colours. Then you'll chose and prepare your fibres for your 3D vessel before Heather guides you through how to use a resist (this is a piece of cloth or other material that stops the wool fibres from one set of layers felting to those below) to make a seam free 3D vessel.

By the end of the workshop you will have a small flat decorative work and a 3D vessel.

Wet felt making is a simple process (once you know how) made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find it relaxing and some a stress buster. But, elements of felt making are quite vigorous and all very hands on. If you have arthritis in your hands you may find parts of the process challenging. That being said it's not stopped anybody before and Heather is very happy to help you with vigorous parts of the process.

3 cats live in my home studio. Winnie and the boys will be elsewhere in the house during courses and workshops but if you have cat allergies Tabletop Workshops may not be the right creative space for you.

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What you need

Equipment: Your creativity, a reference photo/image and an open mind. Everything else will be provided.

Ability: circlecirclecircle

Anytime Booking

This is an Anytime experience, meaning the host can run the experience to fit your schedule!

You need to be a group of 2 - 4

Available on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Between 10:00 and 17:00

SE5, Southwark (address might differ to one shown in the map below)

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Did you know?

The Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives!

Find your way there

5 Stories Mews, London, UK

The Host

Tabletop Workshops, the teaching arm of Purr & Wag It (PaW) was invented to provide You with hands on relaxed learning and me the opportunity and great enjoyment of facilitating others' creativity in the relaxed setting of my home studio in Camberwell. All my courses and workshops are fuelled with plenty of homemade cake, teas and coffee. What's PaW? Born out of a gift to my brother, it's my felted portrait/landscapes small business. Marrying my love of animals with my love for making and in particular pushing the boundaries of fine detail in wet felt making. I've been teaching people of all ages and with widely differing abilities for well over a decade in educational and community settings across Greater London and hold an enhanced DBS certificate for children and vulnerable adults. Showing off doesn't come naturally but amongst other praise past participants have said: ... We loved this course. Heather is a great teacher - informative, friendly and relaxed. And a great baker to boot (tea and cake was happily consumed during felt making) and the atmosphere felt like an evening spent with friends. ...

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