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Get that creativity juice flowing with this BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer/Drink) pottery experience. This introductory lesson is ideal to wind down after a long day at work, or a great pre-drinking idea for the weekend feel free to bring apple juice too though! During this session: You will learn the basics of hand-building and throwing at the pottery wheel, together with lots of mud and fun for a very good psychical 90 minutes. Choose a funky glaze for your masterpiece, and it will be fired and ready for the collection in 2 weeks time. Location: Unit 1, St Saviours Wharf, 23-25 Mill Street, London, UK

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In this pottery wheel taster session you will learn to throw like a pro from expert tutors, relaxing atmosphere in the middle of an amazing park hidden away from the crazy world.

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Join us to learn how to create 2 of your own unique Japanese hanging plant arrangements. 'Kokedama' translates from the Japanese words for moss ('koke') and ball ('dama') - it is the art of freeing the plant from a container and planting it in a moss covered soil/clay ball. Kokedama evolved from the art of Bonsai - carefully made to brighten up Japanese homes, with people commonly creating 'string gardens' in which hanging Kokedama beautifully fill an empty space of a room. Kokedama are viewed as living art, with every one having the potential to be a completely unique creation . Kokedama also have a practicality to them as the external moss has the advantage of acting as a sponge, which you can dip in water every week and it will slowly release water to the roots of your plant.

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You may well be wondering what on earth is a Kokedama? Which is a fair point as the name is not a mainstream term...YET! It's the ancient art form of creating a traditional Japanese hanging garden and the latest botanical craze, currently sweeping LA and Sydney following on from the 2018 botanical trend and all round obsession with terrariums! “Kokedama” is a Japanese word which literally translated means moss ball. Using traditional wrapping techniques and soil combinations we teach you the skills required to create these wonderful pot-less hanging plants. Not only does a Kokedama look amazing but they are really low maintenance and so much fun to make, we think once you see one you will just love them!  In this hands-on workshop you can create your own stylish urban oasis. During the botanical workshop you'll create three different types of Kokedamas from tropical plants of your choosing and learn best practices for plant care and upkeep to keep your new string garden beautiful and healthy, all while enjoying complimentary sake, bubbly and East Asian inspired nibbles. A Kokedama workshop provides an opportunity to learn a new skill and **connect with nature in a creative way, through an experience that is both playful and relaxing. With many Londoners not having outdoor space, attending a Kokedama workshop provides the perfect opportunity to get stuck into nature and leave with a beautiful new hanging garden that means you can bring the outside inside in your home as well. Your teacher Hayley, is an experienced set designer and interior stylist for the film and advertising industry and can offer lots of tips on how to present your Kokedamas in your home. We offer different coloured strings and twine as well as a range of plants to choose from, so that everyone can create something truly unique and express their own sense of creativity. The Venue The workshop will take place in a hidden, heated and covered garden, housed at the back of the jewellery store Kas & Ros right by the iconic Tower Bridge, with tube stations, Borough, London Bridge both nearby . The magical garden space, is decorated particularly for the event, so expect to see lots of examples of what you can create. This is an example of what you should expect to learn at a workshop: - An introduction to the tradition of Kokedama making - Choose three tropical house plants from a wide selection of plant variations - Prepare your own soil mixture - Learn the basic method for the moss ball - Create your first Kokedama using the sheet moss technique - Choose from a range of coloured twines - Learn and perfect the skill of the Kokedama wrapping technique and make a different style of Kokedama - Create two more Kokedamas in colours and styles of your choosing - Create string supports to hang your garden - Learn about upkeep and how to maintain and display your new garden - All the while enjoying some nibbles and bubbly (served with good ol’ Irish Hospitality;) )

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With a maximum of four participants, these three hour workshops are designed to provide everybody with plenty of time for one on one attention. Heather always aims for sessions to be flexible to individual participants needs. Tabletop Workshops, the teaching arm of Purr & Wag It runs out of Heathers Camberwell home. here will be plenty of home made cake, teas and/or coffee to keep you going. This workshop is for those of you who already know the basics of 2D wet felt making. Heather will guide you through the layering technique to make a seam free vessel, the gate way to all things 3D. Wet felt making is a simple process (once you know how) made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find it relaxing and some a stress buster. But, elements of felt making are quite vigorous and very hands on. If you have arthritis in your hands you may find parts of the process challenging. That being said it is not stopped anybody before and Heather is very happy to help you with vigorous parts of the process. Allergies to cats or indeed wool? Please note Heather has three cats (they will be elsewhere in the house during the workshops). Antihistamines are available but her workshops may not be for you.

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Looking for a new hobby? Be warned - Once you start you won't be able to stop embroidering everything and everywhere! Bring along an item of clothing you want to embroider on to, freshen it up and make it on trend or simply create a stitch sampler on fabric. This is a free design class, we'll show you an array of different things you can learn and you can pick and choose what suits you.

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Intro To 3D Felting

We had such an amazing day with Heather creating our 3D pieces. She explained the technique really clearly and gave us support, advice and the confidence to develop the basic method and try out our own designs all fuelled by Heather's delicious cake and soup. Highly recommended.

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