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Join us in East London for an evening of vibrant artistic fun. Come to a life drawing class like no other using neon reactive arts materials to draw inspiringly colourful life models.

This class explores creative drawing, moving away from the perfectionist traditional teachings of life drawing. By trying out a number of different image making techniques from continuous line to pointilism the artists are encouraged to think outside the box and create more unusual imagery.

The class starts off with some quick and fun drawing exercises to get you warmed up. Then goes into longer drawing times with more exciting life images, experimenting with colour, light and texture.

Art supplies are provided however please feel free to bring your own. With essentials such as pencil, paper and drawing boards but also you can use the fluorescent glowing neon pastels to really make your art pop!

No experience needed what so ever, its not like most people have done it before either. Help is always available if you get a challenging pose.

Its fun and friendly with a chilled out atmosphere.

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What you need

Equipment: All equipment will be provided!

Ability: circlecirclecircle

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Did you know?

The earliest known drawings date from 30,000 to 10,000 B.C.. They were found on the walls of caves in France and Spain.

Find your way there

1 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3JX, UK

Ratings & Reviews

4.6 ( 5)

Neon Naked Creative Life Drawing Class

Amazing class ! I highly enjoyed working for Jylle and would recommend his class as a model and as an artist, visually FANTASTIC

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Neon Naked Creative Life Drawing Class

A brilliant concept and the models are styled so well it makes for such a great use of colour when drawing them. Brilliant way to spend an evening!

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

Neon Naked Creative Life Drawing Class

Completely unexpected but really good fun and atmosphere.

Been on 3 EmptyChair workshop(s)

Neon Naked Creative Life Drawing Class

Because its dark, you can be terrible at painint, but still great at painting. Win win!

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

Neon Naked Creative Life Drawing Class

Overall it was nice, but the person was leading the class seemed quite uninterested, not welcoming and not really useful or insightful. I guess that goes hand and hand with the low price of the class, but it was a bit disappointing. I’d happily pay more for a more welcoming and insightful class.

Been on 1 EmptyChair workshop(s)

The Host

Neon Naked is an immersive UV experience creating a colourful twist on a traditional idea. It has developed over 2 years and is taught by the then fashion designer and now artist Jylle N.

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