About Us

Once Upon a Time

Our story starts with two people who love to learn.

Before EmptyChair, you might have found Charlotte (co-founder) training martial arts one day and then spending her time quietly making a crochet top the next.

Kirill (co-founder) may have been honing in on his Waterpolo skills on Monday… Then by Wednesday he's making homemade marzipan!

Nowadays, while we both still have our own passions, we’re working hard to deliver the same experiences to you guys.

From Art to Archery

Here at EmptyChair we pride ourselves on the number of different classes and locations we have around London.

If you think something is missing, if you know someone with a cool skill to share, or simply have a recommendation, contact us:


We love it all

Pottery, Painting or Poker

Cooking, Cocktails or Candle-Making

Dancing, Drawing or Debating

Knitting, Knife Skills or Knotting!

Here to Learn Something New

We want to share with you the buzz that we get when we learn something new.

Our mission is to make this excitement accessible to everyone in the simplest way… Enter The App!